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I’ve Seen The Future and It Thinks I’m Old

I’ve got more than a few grey hairs in my beard and that combined with my aching knees lets me know I’m not the kid that could eat half a lemon sponge cake at 2am and drop ten pounds by morning anymore. Yet after judging high school students in the recent statewide event for DECA  [...]

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Vegas is Tech Crazy!

No sooner did the fireworks burst and the countdown to 2013 end, did the craziness of the new year begin.  Las Vegas has been pushing hard to become a Startup Mecca for eager entrepreneurs and glossy-eyed visionaries with an idea, and the effort is paying off.  Behind the efforts of many community contributors and a [...]

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So much going on!

I’ve realized that when you’re out doing things – trying to get your project off the ground, trying to be involved in the community, trying to improve yourself as a person as well as your skills, trying to balance you family life, and trying to pay the bills – it’s pretty hard to keep up [...]

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If we were speed-dating we'd say ListSanity is a great way to share Lists about anything, everything and then some. (We'd also say we DON'T enjoy long walks on the beach...all that sand!) Seriously, though, ListSanity is a social utility to capture what you like, don't like, love or hate about anything under the sun (or in other could make Lists about other galaxies. If you do, make sure and share them with our programmer, Dan, he loves Lists about space). Why talk about it when you can dive in and create Lists?! Or

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