10 Years Later

Last week, Feb 24, 2012 to be exact, I woke up and completed a thought from 10 years earlier. I used to be in the publishing biz and created magazines and calendars. Ten years ago I had and idea to publish a magazine that had nothing but lists in it. Who’s the most attractive female, what’s the best movie of all time, who’s the greatest basketball player who ever lived….you get the picture. This is frequent barbershop banter and the content is limitless. I thought people who subscribed could vote for these lists. I never brought the idea to fruition but it was always in the back of my mind. I make a list for everything. To Do List are most common but I’m always asking someone to rank an interesting topic.

Last week I woke up and before I crawled out of bed, while my eyes were still battling with the morning sun, the very first thought to pop into my head was….”duh, put it on the Internet.” and thus began the conclusion of an idea born 10 years earlier. Then the fun began….execute on it!

First, I had to convince my wife that I should be distracting my brainpower from our many other entrepreneurial efforts to an idea of a social website about creating and sharing lists. This was not an easy negotiation as she wanted me to concentrate on our other more immediate opportunities. But when you have a big  idea, you put the small idea to the side right? So I convinced her to give me two hours to create some mock-ups of what I would want some developers to build for me.

My design skills suck but wifey loved the concept of the first draft. Now I just needed to rope in some developers who could implement the vision. I already knew I wanted Dan & Marcie to be the team I hired but would they think the idea had as much potential as I did?

The Dinner….Two days, several email hints and feature sets later I met with Marcie & Dan (MD) to share my idea. If MD liked it I knew I had a winner. We met at LBS., the Red Rock restaurant, for some late night burgers and shakes ( I need to eat better) and I continued to speak in vagueness about the cost of building a complex website before I finally broke down and shared the idea of ListBate.

Before I got the first question out about which cereal was the best, MD broke into an argument:

Dan: It’s Chocolate Mini Wheats.

Marcie: You’re crazy…It’s Cheerios.

Dan: That’s ridiculous…Mini Wheats rule!

I think we have a winner.

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