Most of us naturally think in Lists – Best Basketball Player, Favorite School Subject, Worst Food – ListSanity is the social discovery utility that provides the tools for you to capture those thoughts into online Lists that you can easily share with friends to see who agrees (or disagrees) with you!

Because we know being right is pretty important too, we aggregate (with some fun complicated math) all versions of the same List to create an authoritative Master List. By comparing your List to the Master List you’ll know just how right (or wrong) you really are…according to the people!

The possibility for Lists is actually limitless – you can make Lists about anything, everything and then some. Your Lists can be personal to you or relevant to everyone in the world…it’s your call. Want to get advice on the best color shirt to wear to a job interview? Make a List. Want to know what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? Make a List! Don’t know what book to read next? You get the idea. ListSanity can help you crowd-source your real-life decisions or it can just be a fun way to spend your online time  - see our personal favorite right now (we’re sure you’re never going to use it at work, ahem).

ListSanity was started in early 2012 when Troy had a great idea. Over some burgers and shakes he asked friends Dan and Marcie what they thought. It was an instant “We’ve got to do this” when Dan couldn’t get over the fact that Troy had left “Cheerios” off of his sample “Best Breakfast Cereals” List. So a project was born. We’ve had a ton of fun building ListSanity (heck, we’re not going to lie…there are days where we don’t get much done because we’re too busy making and defending our Lists) and we hope that you enjoy it too.

We’re constantly improving the platform and we’d love feedback from you about how it can be better…after all, ListSanity has a life of its own…we just consider ourselves the caretakers. We’re sure that you’re going to do amazing things with Lists that we never even imagined. So have fun and don’t forget to stay in touch!

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