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Co-Working With Ostriches Live from Innevation for Demo Vegas The Las Vegas tech community is amazing!!! (even the ostriches are a cute and creative touch at Innevation : ) When we were on the outside of the Vegas Tech community looking in, we thought how can we just “become involved in the community” as they [...]

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A New Year!!!

Happy New Year – whooo hooo! New Years in Las Vegas was incredible…2013 was my first New Year’s celebration on The Las Vegas Strip. While Troy and I were heading back to the car after the countdown, Troy said, “Why do you think we, as people, need something like New Years in order to make [...]

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Marcie’s Eyebrows Are Perfect…

Her eyebrows always look so good…I am trying to figure out if I am jealous or not.  Ummm, yep I am.  We went to get something to eat (Im lying, we went to get something to drink) at Agave.  It was such an awesome environment, we sat outside and talked about family, friends, life and [...]

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