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Co-Working With Ostriches Live from Innevation for Demo Vegas The Las Vegas tech community is amazing!!! (even the ostriches are a cute and creative touch at Innevation : ) When we were on the outside of the Vegas Tech community looking in, we thought how can we just “become involved in the community” as they [...]

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A New Year!!!

Happy New Year – whooo hooo! New Years in Las Vegas was incredible…2013 was my first New Year’s celebration on The Las Vegas Strip. While Troy and I were heading back to the car after the countdown, Troy said, “Why do you think we, as people, need something like New Years in order to make [...]

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Business Mixer Meets Pie Eating Contest

So Saturday saw me and Troy at our local Chase bank branch getting our business mixing on. Yeah, I had no idea what that meant either. Basically they take all of the furniture out of the bank and local businesses set up in cubicles (and here I thought I’d never have a cube of my own!) where [...]

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