Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? You’ve come to the right place. We hope…we’ll try to answer them here before you even think to ask them! If you’ve thought up a doozy that we haven’t covered here let us know so that we can answer it for everyone (and give you kudos for being one step ahead of us). Hope this helps!

Q: What exactly IS ListSanity?

A: In a nutshell we’re a social discovery utility powered by creating and sharing Lists about anything and everything. Make Lists and share them with your friends on other social networks – challenge people to do them. Lists can be fun or serious. They can help you make decisions or get advice. Or they can just be big ol’ time sinks. Who doesn’t need to kill an extra hour on the Internet every day? ListSanity can help you find new friends that share your interests and opinions, or learn new things about your existing friends.

Now all about using the site:


Q: What’s the difference between a Master List and a Personal List?

A: Big, big difference. The Master List combines the answers from all you lovely Listers…we do a lot of complicated math to come up with the rankings! Personal Lists are Lists made by a single user – so your version of any List is a Personal List.


Q: How do you create Master Lists? 

A: With math of course…and you thought it wasn’t good for anything. Let’s get technical…Master Lists are computed from all the different versions of a List. Specifically, each item in a user’s version of the List is given a weighting according its position on the List. That weighting is currently calculated as 1 divided by the square-root of that item’s rank number within that particular version of the List. Then the weightings for each item across all versions of the List are summed up and sorted, with the highest weightings at the top of the Master List.

So, if you rate Rice Chex as #1 on your List of Best Cereals, and Troy rates Cheerios as #2, and someone else rates Cheerios as #3, but no one else puts Rice Chex on their List, the #2 and #3 rankings for Cheerios will out-weigh the singular #1 ranking for Rice Chex. Cheerios is the winner here (as it should be because Cheerios are freakin’ awesome).


Q: How do I make a new List?

A:There’s a bright and shiny “New List” button up there in the header. This will launch a pop-up for creating your List. You can name your List (remember, keep it short, to the point and easy-to-understand), assign it a category and add an image. On the next step you can add your List items by either dragging and dropping from the left side or typing straight into the List. Reorder until your heart’s content by dragging and dropping right in the List.


Q: How do I share a List?

A: There are LOTS of ways to share your List! You can click “Challenge” to invite a ListSanity member to do your List or email a friend. You can click “Share” to either Like it (this posts to your Facebook Page) “Send” it – this allows you to choose from your Facebook friends and then sends them a message on FB, or “Tweet” to send it out to all your Twitter followers. We find that the best way to actually get your slack-jawed friends to do Lists is by hitting “Send” for a personal Facebook message or “Challenge” and enter their email address.


Q: What’s the difference between Challenge, Share and Send? 

A: We know, so many options. So here it is, straight. Challenge – invite your friends to do a List through ListSanity or via email. Share invite friends to do a List by liking on Facebook (this posts to your newsfeed so your friends can see it), Sending on Facebook (this lets you choose your Facebook friends and send them a direct FB message) and Tweeting on Twitter. Stay tuned for other share options coming soon.


Q: What if I don’t like the picture on a List?

A: No prob! Simply edit the List and click “Back to List Info Screen” and then click “upload” to put your own image up.


Q: How do I upload a picture to a New List?

A: You’ll need to have an image on your computer. Then simply click “Upload” and browse for the image (just find where it is on your computer). Remember, the pics you choose really say something about you…so choose wisely!


Q: How do I see all of my Lists? 

A: By viewing your profile. See that little tiny picture of you up in the header…way over to the right? Click you or your name. That will take you to your profile page where you can see not only all the Lists you’ve done but other cool things about you (like who your ListSanity friends are).


Q: How do I find a List? 

A: If you’re looking for a particular List click on the magnifying glass icon up there in the header. Then just type in a keyword about a List – like “Football” or “NFL” and you’ll get all the Lists that have that that keyword in the title. Or enter a person’s name to find their profile – like “Troy.” OR if you’re just trying to find Lists that you might be interested in you can click “Browse Categories” up there in the header. Then just select a category to find Lists that you like.


Q: What are these category filters I keep hearing about? 

A: Category filters are a great way to see only the things that interest you. We know that there are going to be lots of Lists that you just don’t care about and we want to help you get to the good stuff. So if you could care less about History and Politics – you never have to see those Lists! Just go to Settings and select the categories you DO like. When you turn on your filters you’ll only see the things that interest you. (We realized that this was definitely a necessity when Dan the Programmer kept making Star Trek Lists!!)


Q: What’s going on with that little red number in the Header?  

A: That, my friend, means you’re popular! The red number indicates a new notification. You’ll get this anytime someone comments on your List, makes a version of a List you created or challenges you to do a List. Anytime these things happen we’ll let you know by sending a notification. Just click on the number to get a dropdown menu of all your alerts. You can click on any of these items to get taken directly to the relevant List. And of course any time you do any of these actions you’ll be creating a notification for other users. So get busy making Lists and stirring up some comment controversy.


Q: Do I have to login with Facebook? 

A: For right now, yes. We wanted to get the site up and running as fast as possible and Facebook login is a great way to do that. Don’t worry…we’ll be adding login through Twitter and a native registration process. If you want to know when we do this just send us an email on our contact form and we’ll let you know!


Q: Why should I follow you on Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Google Plus? 

A: Because we’re going places, baby! And because when we run contests (think $$) we’ll let you know by posting on these social sites. We’ll also share great Lists and Lists of the Day. We’ll try not to annoy you too much…because no one likes that. This is also a great way to let your friends know that you’ve found a wicked cool new site that’s worth checking out.


Q: How hard is it to use ListSanity?

A: It’s super easy! No, seriously. All of our moms use it (don’t you just love moms?). If they can do it you can too!


Q: Tell me more about Comments…

A: Well, technically that’s not a question, but we aim to please so here goes. You can comment on anyone’s List by simply typing in that little comment box. Comments are shown most recent first. You can see all comments by clicking that little “View all X Comments” link at the bottom. If you want to comment on just your friend’s List just head on over to the List Home Page and load their List by clicking on their profile picture in the navigation area. Then type away. This will just show up on your friend’s List (although other people can view it…so don’t get too personal…).


Q: I like what I see but is there more coming?

A: There’s always more in the pipeline! We suffer from having way too many ideas and not enough time to implement them…yet. We’re currently a pretty small team working as fast as we can to get features developed (it doesn’t help that we get pretty distracted by all the cool Lists you guys create). We have tons planned but we do care what’s important to Listers – so if you’d like to see something let us know…if enough people agree with you we’ll move it up in the Development List.





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