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Demo Vegas at Switch Innevation

We had a great time tonight at DemoVegas down at Switch Innevation. We got to connect with lots of other local startups and see cool things that are going on around us. It’s really amazing how supportive the tech community here in Vegas is and I can’t wait to get more involved! We’re hoping to [...]

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Co-Working With Ostriches Live from Innevation for Demo Vegas The Las Vegas tech community is amazing!!! (even the ostriches are a cute and creative touch at Innevation : ) When we were on the outside of the Vegas Tech community looking in, we thought how can we just “become involved in the community” as they [...]

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A New Year!!!

Happy New Year – whooo hooo! New Years in Las Vegas was incredible…2013 was my first New Year’s celebration on The Las Vegas Strip. While Troy and I were heading back to the car after the countdown, Troy said, “Why do you think we, as people, need something like New Years in order to make [...]

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If we were speed-dating we'd say ListSanity is a great way to share Lists about anything, everything and then some. (We'd also say we DON'T enjoy long walks on the beach...all that sand!) Seriously, though, ListSanity is a social utility to capture what you like, don't like, love or hate about anything under the sun (or in other could make Lists about other galaxies. If you do, make sure and share them with our programmer, Dan, he loves Lists about space). Why talk about it when you can dive in and create Lists?! Or

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