So much going on!

I’ve realized that when you’re out doing things – trying to get your project off the ground, trying to be involved in the community, trying to improve yourself as a person as well as your skills, trying to balance you family life, and trying to pay the bills – it’s pretty hard to keep up with a blog that doesn’t have followers (yet?).

So, I’m doubling down on my efforts to write about what’s going on with ListSanity and me and how we fit into the greater Vegas community…because we’re in the middle of history right now…the history of Vegas as a new kind of community. In the past few months I’ve been trying to get myself out of the house more, be more active and challenge myself as a person. And honestly…it’s overwhelming. Seeing all of the cool things in Las Vegas and the Downtown area – the things people are doing at their startups and just with their community is quite frankly really exhausting.

Anytime I meet someone new at an event Downtown, I learn about 5 other cool things that they’re involved with that I haven’t heard about and all I want to do is find a way to be more involved and do more. I’m meeting energetic people in all different stages of their careers and lives who are trying to be a part of the change. And it’s infectious.

Dan and I moved to Las Vegas in October of 2010 – we were literally giving trick-or-treaters candy out of our moving truck (to the children of those parents who didn’t usher their youngsters quickly by). We’re both completely freelance without steady paychecks and have always¬†hustled¬†to get projects and bring home some bacon. We moved to Vegas because as former poker players we were comfortable here, we had a poker-related project based here (@pokernearme) and it was WAAAY cheaper than the NYC metro area where we were paying twice as much for our tiny apartment as we now pay for our mortgage. We basically decided to move here without thinking much about what it might mean for us longterm. So we moved…and kept doing what we had been doing (taking on different web and app projects as they came in, never turning down something interesting no matter how little time we had to do it) and just enjoying Las Vegas – the food, the friends that we have here, and the nature around us (Mount Charleston, Floyd Lamb Park, and the desert).

It wasn’t until last year that we even had the faintest idea that there was a community for us to reach out to and become involved. We went to our first Tech Jelly the week we heard about it in March of last year. When we came home I was so pumped to be more involved and do more. But I was coming home to a 3-week old baby so the reality of being able to be more active wasn’t quite inline with my vision. With me and Dan each working 60-70 hour weeks on ListSanity, and random paying projects all of our free time was devoted to equal parenting.

Last month for the first time I finally felt like I was ready to jump back and and figure out how to make ListSanity work with our other “money projects,” being a good mom and also getting some personal fulfillment in being active, building a community and making friends. So – that’s what I’ve been trying to do…choose events that interest me where I can meet people and figure out how I can help to change our little corner of the world.

Today for the first time Dan and I had a conversation about what it would mean and how our lifestyle would change if we were to move Downtown, or at least closer.

So, I’ll be talking more about how I’m personally trying to be involved, what I’m hoping to accomplish and how ListSanity is trying to make a difference. And I hope I encourage someone to be more active in helping to create a truly co-productive environment here in Vegas.


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