Troy, General IdeaList

ListSanity was Troy’s brainchild…one of those rare shower eureka’s that’s actually good. Troy handles the business end of things on ListSanity. He’s also chalk full o’ ideas. Team brainstorming sessions are a constant back-and-forth with Troy leading the “what’s next” charge. Read Troy’s Blog Here.

Dan, Lieutenant Commander Software

Dan’s our sole developer – wow! Dan likes to grumble when Troy and Marcie come up with things that can’t be done but somehow he makes them work anyway. Everything “under the hood” is Dan’s domain. He’s also the one who made all the Star Trek Lists (you saw his title, right?). Read Dan’s Blog Here.

Marcie, Design ReaList

Marcie handles design and product development…making the connections between the ideal scenario and the practical (read Troy/Dan translator). Marcie tries every day to make ListSanity just a little slicker and as usable as possible. This usually means making Dan redo something that’s already done…four or five times. Read Marcie’s Blog Here.

Adiclere, Empress of Encouragement

Adiclere keeps us going and is our constant source of encouragement and “upbeatedness.” At brainstorming sessions she keeps our ideas in check with the real world and offers us a “fresh eyes” perspective when the rest of the team gets too deep down the rabbit hole. Read Adiclere’s Blog Here.

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