Vegas is Tech Crazy!

No sooner did the fireworks burst and the countdown to 2013 end, did the craziness of the new year begin.  Las Vegas has been pushing hard to become a Startup Mecca for eager entrepreneurs and glossy-eyed visionaries with an idea, and the effort is paying off.  Behind the efforts of many community contributors and a few key leaders, Las Vegas has been gaining national attention for startups and tech companies.  The Downtown Project and the Vegas Tech Fund have lead the way in hosting networking events, providing much needed resources and bringing in innovative startups to reshape a corporate landscape once dotted with nothing but casinos.

This is great for ListSanity and its mission to grow into the preeminent social platform for all things Listable.  Little did the ListSanity team know what January  would bring when the new year began.  We’ve been running around for five weeks like chickens with our heads cut off (nasty visual) trying to take advantage of all the wonderful business and tech events that have flourished in the harsh desert environment.

It all started with CES coming to town the second week of January.  This promoted Startup Weekend, hosted by the world renowned Shavonnah Tiera of Ayloo, to hold an event at the Innevation Center.  Of course my wife had to pitch an idea and by default that meant I had to pitch an idea and support her idea becoming a reality.  Fifty-two hours later, I was dazed and confused after helping Adiclere perfect her pitch and coordinating with MD to build us a website while they were driving back to Vegas from their two month East Coast holiday tour.  The plus side of the effort is taboozie will be coming to a mobile phone near you very soon.

A few hours after Startup Weekend ended I was manning a booth at Startup Debut, a kickoff press event for CES.  I was still massively sleep deprived but managed to belt out a few coherent and salient ListSanity features and benefits for dozens of interviews including the Channel 13 evening news, which made ListSanity the lead story.

Monday gave us a regroup day and allowed MD to pull into Las Vegas after two days straight of driving with a 9-month-old taking turns behind the wheel.  Tuesday though, brought DemoVegas, a great Las Vegas press event showcasing more of the best the city has to offer in tech startups.  We were fortunate to be in the company of great companies like Ticket Cake, Finesse, Tracky, Fandeavor, Wedgies and more.  This was a fun event and provided ListSanity with some great networking.  Marcie and Adiclere worked the booth with style and inspiration, gaining us new users and interest from USA Today.

But wait there’s more…. Wednesday of that same week was all day green screen filming for our Indiegogo Video.  This was truly a 22 take masterpiece that will go down in the green screen hall of fame.

Wrap up parties and Tech Cocktail lightning talks finished out the week….but we still had several more weeks to go!  ListSanity, sponsored the Downtown Podcast, another example of a great community idea, brought to us by the crew at Ticket Cake.  I gave one hell of a 60 second ListSanity introduction, if I can toot my own horn for a sentence or two.

The team followed up our podcast sponsorship with a Vegas Jelly talk on how our Advisor Board has been a huge help to us, two UNLV presentations and a marketing case study.  All this before Valentine’s Day.   Which leads me to my List of the Post.  Which Gifts Say I Love You the Most?

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